How Science Makes the Difference
  • Fully Integrated Manufacturing

    At AirBoss Defense, we consider ourselves consultants as much as manufacturers. We help our customers succeed in their jobs by making it our priority to know the conditions they face. With military customers, we ensure contracts are fulfilled on time, on budget, and on spec, every time.

  • Ultimate Control

    Unlike many of our competitors, AirBoss Defense controls every step of the manufacturing process, from compound formulation to design, production and testing. Quality control is built into every process at every operating site.

  • Rapid Testing & Reporting

    With full in-house testing, we are equipped to evaluate samples and rapidly provide the data our customers require. Work that otherwise might take weeks through third-party testers can be turned around in days.

  • Recognized Expertise

    Our standalone R&D Centre in Bromont, Quebec is a well-recognized research facility that helps us leverage funding for investments in new products and innovations. Our customers reap the benefits.

  • Valuable Partnerships

    AirBoss Defense has a long history of partnering with government agencies to move new ideas and innovative technologies from the lab to the field. Our work with Defence Research and Development Canada has resulted in the creation of the AirBoss CB moulded glove and C4 respirator. We partner with numerous domestic and international academic, government, and independent R&D centres.